Research Labs

DSI houses several cutting-edge research labs that push the boundaries of design knowledge and practice. These labs explore diverse areas that foster interdisciplinary design collaboration and innovation.

Caribbean Design History & Visual Culture Lab

The Caribbean Design History & Visual Culture Lab is focused on the exploration of the rich design history and visual culture of the Caribbean region. Through archival research, oral histories, visual analysis, and cultural documentation, the lab examines the unique design traditions, influences, and socio-cultural contexts prevalent in the Caribbean. By critically analyzing and celebrating the region's design heritage, the lab aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Caribbean visual culture. The lab seeks to contribute to the broader field of design history by promoting cultural preservation and identity of the Caribbean region.

Computational & Algorithmically-Enabled Design Lab

The Computational & Algorithmically-Enabled Design Lab explores the intersection of design and computational technologies. The lab approaches interdisciplinary problems in design practice through a computation lens, developing and deploying algorithms, computational and data-drive models. From generative design algorithms to parametric modeling and simulation, the lab fosters experimentation to develop novel design solutions and define the role of technology in design practice.

Design for Learning Experiences Lab

The Design for Learning Experiences Lab is a design research lab dedicated to exploring the intersection of design and education. The lab's primary focus is on developing innovative design solutions that enhance learning outcomes and empower students to engage with complex problems. The lab's research interests include design thinking, project-based learning, and educational technology. By leveraging the latest advancements in design and education, the lab aims to foster a culture of creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

Design for Wellness Lab

The Design for Wellness Lab is a design research lab focused on exploring how design can promote health, well-being, and quality of life. Through interdisciplinary collaborations with various types of professionals and researchers, the lab develops innovative solutions to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Design for Wellness conducts research on the impact of design on well-being, and shares its findings with the design community and the public. The lab is committed to creating a world where design enhances human flourishing and supports a healthier, happier, and more equitable society.